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New construction facilities often undergo a cleaning process prior to start-up. Piping and vessels may contain a variety of debris, scale, oxides, and oil that must be removed if the plant is to run effectively.
To continue to operate at peak efficiency, process systems, vessels, and pipelines must be kept as clean as possible. Some of the normal by-products of operating processes create deposits ranging from scales to sludge, precipitates, and even metal deposits. These types of build-up foul the vessels and piping and can significantly reduce system efficiency, eventually causing plugging and failure of the unit.

Sienmar Engineering has its own fleet of chemical cleaning equipment, complemented by our Field Operations team in delivering on-time, high standard cleaning.

Sienmar chemical cleaning services include but not limited to;

// Cleaning the full range of industrial heat exchangers
// Pre‐commission cleaning
// Chemical flushing of large‐scale Institutional/Industrial projects
// Pickling applications
// Passivation for large heat exchangers at large desalination units
// Degreasing works of all type
// Different types of pipe cleaning
// Cleaning and preserving all types of boilers and water borne systems
// Oil and Gas/Marine chemical cleaning applications
// Project site supervision of all works